Koding Kurriculum Bringing the worlds of Technology and Education together.

Open Kurriculum

We believe that quality, open curriculum should be freely available across the world. Our community provides all of the resources necessary for teachers to plan and deliver this content in the classroom.

We use GitHub as a medium for delivering and managing the Open Kurriculum platform. Click the icon to look through our open curriculum projects. If you are interested in contributing, please reach out to us via email at youcancode@kodingkurriculum.com, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

About Us

Kristin is an educator with a creative mind for building curriculum that is effective and engaging. Karl is a computer scientist who believes that proper technology use and coding curriculum should be an important component of education.

Together, we make the perfect team to tear down barriers that prevent technology from reaching the classroom. Through Koding Kurriculum, we can provide the resources and support that educators and schools need to be successful.